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The Moon Relationship

    The Moon relationship is based on emotions and having an emotional connection to the other person.  You will feel very close and comfortable in this relationship, the emotional connection will be the focus and a great amount of like and love is offered in both directions.  You will often feel as if you have been together for a long time even if it has only been a short time.  The love is deep and feelings of harmony are ever present.  Both people must play their nurturing role for this combination to be so deep.  Many times these relationships turn to marriages that last a lifetime.  You will feel safe as if this person is your best friend which they often do become.  It is important with a Moon connection to not become complacent because this bond is so comfortable that sometimes it turns into boredom from too much harmony in the relationship.  We sometimes need bumps in the road to appreciate what we have.  The communication is also great with a Moon connection because we feel comfortable to talk and express ourselves with each other.  With a Moon connection you will be able to meet each others emotional needs and conflict will be at a minimum.

    The Moon relationship is a very harmonious connection one that will keep you feeling at peace just to be in each others' company.

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