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Synastry Aspects Quick Guide




Ascendant (AC) 

Our body language, and the mask we wear to the outside world, Your first attraction to your mate, your outer personality.


  • Ascendant/Ascendant =  Can give you empathy and understanding or personal clashes depending on the signs involved.

  • Ascendant/Midheavan = You identify with your partners aspirations and ambitions.

  • Ascendant/Sun = There might be a rapport between two partners but you must refer to signs and elements with this.

  • Ascendant/Moon = This can go either way of sympathy or friction depending on the signs and elements.

  • Ascendant/Mercury = This will give good communication.  This is a good combination for a student or parent relationship.

  • Ascendant/Venus = This will give you love and friendship, and a nice amount of harmony.

  • Ascendant/Mars =  Will give the couple a strong physical attraction, and could be quarrelsome.

  • Ascendant/Jupiter =  Will create a good sense of humor and a fair amount of encouragement in the relationship.

  • Ascendant/Saturn =  Can be inhibiting, or this can be suffocating or constructively helpful, but you will have a strong shoulder to lean on.

  • Ascendant/Uranus = This is energetic but also tense.

  • Ascendant/Neptune =  Will be romantic but not without possible confusion and misunderstandings.

  • Ascendant/Pluto =  Will be an obsessive, neurotic relationship.


Midheaven (MC)

This is our career and life path, it is also our social standing and reputation.


  • Midheaven/Midheaven =  Can work towards joint objectives and aspirations, or it could be a source of rivalry.

  • Midheaven/Sun =  A supportive aspect than can help achieve goals.

  • Midheaven/Moon = The Moon person will have sympathy and understanding towards the Midheaven person and the Midheaven person will support the Moon persons goals.

  • Midheaven/Mercury =  Will give mutual intellectual interests and a good exchange of ideas and goals.

  • Midheaven/Venus = Shared aspirations and goals in the relationship.

  • Midheaven/Mars = Will work hard together but may not agree on goals.

  • Midheaven/Jupiter = The Jupiter person will give encouragement while the Midheaven person will make challenges for the Jupiter person.

  • Midheaven/Uranus = The Uranus person will either be indifferent towards their partners goals or they will contribute bright ideas.

  • Midheaven/Neptune = The Neptune person can either contribute inspiration or just cause confusion and then they will get in the way.

  • Midheaven/Pluto = Will force issues out in the open or it will block progress for the couple.



Self expression,Vitality, Generosity of heart, Affection, Creativity, Pomposity, Heart, Men, Magistrates, Gentlemen, Royalty, Those who keep promises, Those who speak well and clearly without too many words, Gold, Rubies, Palaces, Theatres, Five Star Hotels.


  • Sun/Sun = This can be a strong connection but it depends on the signs involved.

  • Sun/Moon= This can be a good source of self expression from the Sun person with a good balance of instinct and intuition but it depends on the signs involved.

  • Sun/Mercury = Excellent for communication

  • Sun/Venus = This can either be a loving aspect or it can cause rivalry but usually love is the case.

  • Sun/Mars = Great sexual attraction with heightened emotions and this couple will work hard together.

  • Sun/Jupiter = The Jupiter person will be a source of encouragement for the Sun person to broaden their horizons intellectually and to be more accepting of challenges.

  • Sun/Saturn = Stability and permanence come from this aspect but it can also cause inhibitions.

  • Sun/Uranus = While this adds excitement and a different dimension to the relationship it can also cause tension.

  • Sun/Neptune = This is highly romantic but also can be very deceptive.

  • Sun/Pluto = Can be powerful, self searching, and obsessive.



Response, Emotion, Instinct, Intuition, Fluctuation, Your id, Women, People connected with the sea, Childbirth, Motherhood, Breweries, Water and Liquids, Creatures that live in Water, Nurseries.


  • Moon/Moon = A couple who feeds off of each other’s moods, or will oppose them according to the sign.

  • Moon/Mercury = There will be an increase of sympathy and empathy, and worrying about each other more than average.

  • Moon/Venus = Feelings are usually expressed in a positive way but they might be exaggerated.

  • Moon/Mars = The emotional level will be heightened.

  • Moon/Jupiter = Good for joint expansion, Might overestimate problems and difficulties in the relationship.

  • Moon/Saturn = This can be constructive but it gives a heaviness to the relationship that might be depressing.

  • Moon/Uranus = The excitement will increase with most people but the tension is also increased.

  • Moon/Neptune = Very romantic but often unrealistic and deceiving.

  • Moon/Pluto = This can increase the emotional expression, or it can cause inhibition.



The Mind, Communication, Mental & Physical, Argumentative, Critical, Nervous, Tense, Male or Female, Short distances, Cars, Transport, Clever talkative quick-witted people who are not averse to trickery to get what they want, Writers, Journalists, Printers, Office and Media Workers, Computers, Telephones, Fax Machines, Shopping malls, Markets, Department stores, Trade fairs, Upper floors of buildings.


  • Mercury/Mercury = Can be an intellectual rivalry but is usually meant well.  Great for communication.

  • Mercury/Venus = Great for friendship in all kinds of relationships.

  • Mercury/Mars = Generally fun and active, but can be argumentative and tense.

  • Mercury/Jupiter = The intellectual challenge will be contagious.

  • Mercury/Saturn = Will promote stability but the Saturn person will be a source of frustration for the Mercury person, this is not usually a positive flow of communication there must be validity to the conversation.

  • Mercury/Uranus = Can be an energetic, intellectual rapport but this will cause tension in a negative aspect.

  • Mercury/Neptune = This can be inspiring but it is most likely to have misunderstandings.

  • Mercury/Pluto = Generally is a source of frustration.


  • Venus

  • Harmony, Love, Love Affairs, Unison, Personal Relationships, Art, Fashion, Gentleness, Friendliness, Tact, Social Graces,( Under Stress- Indecisive, Careless, Overly Romantic, Over dependent),  Money, Good food, Kind actions, Leisure activities, Cash flow, Credit Cards, Beauticians, Fashion Industry, Interior decorators, Hairdressers, Over indulgence, hangovers, Beautiful gardens, Fountains, Wardrobes, Art Galleries, Designer Boutiques, Fashion fairs, Beauty Salons, and Health clubs.


  • Venus/Venus = A harmonious romantic love but can cause resentfulness.

  • Venus/Mars = A very strong sexual attraction.

  • Venus/Jupiter = Shared pleasure in life and enjoying each other’s company.

  • Venus/Saturn = Emotions may be restricted which may be followed by disappointments in the relationship.

  • Venus/Uranus = Vibrant, captivating attraction.

  • Venus/Neptune = This is a romantic relationship with the wool pulled over your eyes.  It is very difficult to see fault.

  • Venus/Pluto = Emotionally charged, and good for a business partnership. Intense sexual attraction and possessiveness is a great possibility.



Physical energy, Initiative, Aggressive, Decisive, Hasty, Rude, Positive, Energetic, Assertion action, Bravery, Quarrels, Anger, Cruelty, Fearless, Bold, Confidence, Butchers, Barbers, Surgeons, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Fevers, Headaches, Migraines, Cuts, Burns,Blows to the head.


  • Mars/Mars = High sexual energy, quarrelsome and energetic couple.

  • Mars/Jupiter = This couple enjoys living and they tend to take risks and be open-minded.

  • Mars/Saturn = The Saturn person will frustrate and annoy the Mars person.  Progress towards happiness will be very slow.

  • Mars/Uranus = Adds a sort of nervous but, exciting at times, tension.

  • Mars/Neptune = Romantic, need for escape and usually ends in disappointment.

  • Mars/Pluto = Very difficult and frustrating.  Hidden secrets.



Expansion (Intellectual and Physical), Optimism, Loyalty, Justice, Over optimistic, Extravagant, Self Indulgent, Conceited, Education, Foreign Languages, Religion, Sports, Future, Honesty, Bluntness.


  • Jupiter/Jupiter = Pleasant and fun, intellectually invigorating.

  • Jupiter/Saturn = Good mix of common sense and optimism.

  • Jupiter/Uranus = Uranus will bring new ideas to the table and Jupiter is always up for the challenge.

  • Jupiter/Neptune = Very inspiring, and stimulating.

  • Jupiter/Pluto = Excellent for business arrangements and financial interests.



Stability, Restriction, Limitation, Control, Perseverance, Tenacity, Practical, Cautious, Selfish, Narrow-Minded, Cruel, Ambition, Severity, Envy, Shyness, A delaying influence, Limits action and progress, Encourages a practical approach, Common Sense, Caution, Clinical depression, Deserts, Mountains, Rocks, Cliffs, Graveyards, Valleys, Caves, Working alone or in lonely places, Farm workers, Horticulturists, Dentists.


  • Saturn/Saturn = A very heavy side to the relationship much like destiny taking over.

  • Saturn/Uranus = Power struggles and domination, or a partnership.

  • Saturn/Neptune = Saturn may criticize Neptune’s dreams or may help achieve them more constructively.

  • Saturn/Pluto = Very frustrating, Inhibiting, Depressing.



Change, Disruption, Shock, Originality, Versatility, Independence, Eccentricity, Perversion, Rebellion, Technology, The need for freedom, Airline crashes, Stubborn, Unpredictable, Prominent in charts undergoing divorce, Airline pilots, Astronauts, Scientists, Technologists, Film, Pop Stars, New age exponents,  Astrologers, Separation.


  • Uranus/Uranus = Adds a dynamic attraction with tension to follow.

  • Uranus/Neptune = Misunderstandings are likely which will cause tension.

  • Uranus/Pluto = A breakdown in communication which will cause tense blockages.



Cloudiness, Unreality, Arts, Poetry, Dancing, Idealism, Imagination, Sensitivity, Carelessness, Indecision, Deceit, Photography, Drugs, Fraud, Self Deception, Lying, Taking the easy way out of difficult situations, Floating, Cloud Nine, Working behind the scenes, Missionaries, Pharmacists, Sea ports, Boats, Ships, Dance studios, Swimming pools.


  • Neptune/Neptune = Unless Neptune is personalized in a chart then it can add romance, impracticality and possible deception.

  • Neptune/Pluto = Increases romance and heightens the sexual attraction.



Elimination, Eruptive change, Unconscious buried emotions, Overcoming obstacles, Sly, Critical, Secretive, Cruel, Psychological problems, Clearing out items no longer wanted, Fresh starts, Big money, Inheritance, Stock market gains, Criminal detection, Bringing out problems into the open, Planet of extremes, Big business mining, and the wine trade.


  • Pluto/Pluto= Not a particularly strong influence but can add a compulsive element.



Considered the wounded healer. When you find Chiron in a relationship chart  it symbolizes where we will be most hurt (our deepest wounds) and what requires the most healing.  Chiron will either help the relationship or hinder it depending on the aspects and placements.

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