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The Neptunian Relationship

    The Neptune relationship is one that makes you feel as if you are in the best relationship of your life (at first).  You will feel as if you are on cloud 9, walking on air, and in romantic bliss but it is an illusion of sorts.  You feel as if that person could do no wrong, so you go through day to day with blinders on.

    When the Neptunian relationship first begins you can't imagine living life with anyone else, you have finally found your perfect mate.  You are in such bliss that you become addicted to that person.  Often times in these relationships one person needs to feel needed so they put this person on a pedistal and endure pain and heartache for the sake of being in the relationship.  You often feel as if after awhile that you start to chase that person because they start to become less and less available, and they might disappear altogether without a word.  You seem to give and sacrifice without ever truly getting anything in return, you start to feel used.  The planet Neptune is a planet of romance, sacrifice, dreams, illusions, delusions, deception, drugs, and addiction.  So often times the relationship takes on an addicting pattern of behavior where one person is usually left wanting.  You are seeing them for who you want them to be instead of who they really are.  At first, the Neptune person will come on very strong making all sorts of promises and telling you everything you want to hear; however as time goes on you start to realize that not any of those promises are being fulfilled yet you have lived up to your word. You realize that the relationship is not going anywhere but you continue to try to hang on not being able to truly let go.  The Neptune person might have faded off into the background but your undying feelings don't change.  You still desire to be with them dreaming about how it was supposed to be but never tasting reality.

    Many people tend to make excuses for their Neptune relationship covering up the pain because you want to make everyone think that your delusion is real.  You could never soil your mates name, they are too perfect; the wool never truly getting removed from over your eyes.  From the outside in the relationship is clearly destructive and one sided but on the inside you are still floating on the clouds of glory, making excuses for every fault you find in that person.

    When the Neptune relationship does end you feel like you could never truly let go you continue to bring that person up in conversation years down the road even though the other person as well as you have since moved on.  These relationships are difficult to get closure from because there is always one person that still keeps the dream alive even after knowing it is over.

    It is possible to get to the higher levels of the Neptune relationship by recognizing the person for who they are and to establish boundries since Neptune has no boundries.  Try not to make excuses for bad behaviors, because with this influence it is possible to achieve romantic bliss if both parties are able to recognize what is happening.  If you are aware of the delusion then you can take the blinders off and enjoy the romance that will most certainly come with this influence but only if both parties are consciously aware.

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