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The Plutonian Relationship

     The plutonian relationship can be a very healing and comforting relationship or it can be a very dangerous, violent, abusive, and controlling relationship.  When you think of pluto you must think of fresh starts, transformation bringing problems out into the opened, eruptive change, unconscious buried emotions, secrecy, cruelty, and psychological prolems.

    In the ideal plutonian relationship you would be of comfort to each other offering healing from past hurts. You would feel newly transformed by this person and you feel as if you can now begin life.  However many times in a Plutonian relationship their are power struggles.  This is especially common in the Pluto in Libra generation from 1971-1984.  However anyone can experience a plutonian relationship.  A Plutonian relationship can have the elements of abuse whether it be verbal, physical, psychological, or emotional.  Revenge and malicious behavior such as secret affairs and manipulation can occur.  A Plutonian relationship is generally marked with power struggles where neither person wants to give in and compromise.  This type of relationship can leave scars that are not easily healed as Pluto likes to repress such emotions then blurt them out when the time is right.  What most people don't realize is that when in a Plutonian relationship you often times resent qualities in your mate that you see in yourself but it takes a life changing event to recognize this in order to heal which generally takes years with Pluto.  Plutonian relationships can be a sense of obsession and intensity.  This could be one of the most intense relationships you have ever been in but with such intensity violence can erupt.  Abuse is common in these relationships because one person or both often wants to possess the other and control everything they do so when the other person does something we don't like we must put them back in line with power, which is often abusive.  Jealousy is also a common theme of plutonian relationships, you find that you can't even look in the direction of another man/woman simply because you know the backlash you will get, the glaring eyes, the comments, the manipulation to bring you back to where you need to be sort of speak.  Your partner may constantly remind you of areas that you need to change, which is another form of control, and manipulation.  One person can be downright cruel to other under a Plutonian influence.  ​

    A Plutonian relationship just like other relationships can be a transformative experience as well.  Often times when a Plutonian relationship ends one person is left feeling abandoned, alone, as if their will to live has been taken from them.  They find it impossible to let go of this relationship and it becomes an obsession for them with great emotional intensity.  They will not stop until they are back together or until they ruin any new relationship that the ex may get involved in.  If the Plutonian relationship is recognized and understood then it can survive or be a sorce of transformation with a breakup.  They will recognize exactly what it is they now need in a relationship and realize the necessary changes they need to make to achieve that so that they won't repeat the previous patterns.  This is with much conscious thought or therapy because Plutonians can also get stuck in limbo never truly letting go of their past hurts.

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