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The Saturn Relationship

    The Saturn relationship much like the planet has committment, structure, stability, and longevity; but it also has control, restriction, limitation, selfishness, envy, and depression.

    At the start of a Saturn relationship you might first be reluctant to making a committment with the other person or them with you.  The relationship might be slow to form or viewed as something that is going to be practical but not necessarily fun.  At first you might feel like everything is going well, you both respect each other and enjoy helping each other, but as you start to change you or your mate might resist and fight against the changes that are taking place.  Saturn does not like change so this threatens the relationship.  This relationship becomes a controlling one where one person feels like a child living with their parent being continuously chastised and corrected.  If you are the one who has taken the child role then you will start to feel overwhelmed by all the restriction as if you are still living in your parents home devoid of fun and spontaneity.  Everything you seem to do is wrong and you can not get it right no matter how hard you try you are constantly criticized.  The relationship seems to have an element of gloom and depression without the initial fun and laughter that you once had.  The relationship now becomes a burden that you just can't seem to shake.  It is very difficult to let go of a Saturn relationship because once again Saturn does not like change, so you will stay long after the relationship is over just to avoid the heartache that you know comes with a breakup.

   The Saturn relationship generally has one person feeling as if they are being watched when they laugh and joke, because as soon as they do the hammer of the Saturn person comes down asking why something is so funny and explaining why you shoudn't be laughing, or having fun.  Having a conversation at home quickly turns into a lecture instead of the good communication that you once had.  You feel like your mate is always there to tear you down and you can't figure out what it is you are supposed to say, because everything you say is judged, scrutinized and picked apart.  There is a sense of walking on eggshells when you are together because you don't want to upset your "father,mother", which is often what it feels like in these relationships.  The relationship can become very routine and boring leaving you depressed and lonely. 

   The Saturn relationship is able to survive without criticism and boredom if both parties recognize what is happening.  The Saturn person can learn to not be so rigid and stern and learn to let go of the fear of change.  The other person might need to learn how to be more mature and structured by the Saturn individual.  If this is able to happen then this can be a very long lasting relationship but not without its initial difficulties as Saturn is also slow to change, so when the problems are recognized changing them takes a lot of work and resistance.

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