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The Venus Mars Relationship

    The Venus and Mars relationships are a couple of the connections that have longevity.  The Venus connection is considered a very  compatible connection as Venus is all about love, the family, pleasure, and beauty.  The Venus connection is a harmonious connection.  This is often people who fall deeply in love with each other for a lifetime.  The relationship is balanced and loving.  Both people often trust each other and put each other first.  There is compromising and friendship between the two people and they enjoy spending time together because they often have common interests.  I mention Venus and Mars together because they often compliment each other; Venus is love and Mars is sexuality.  Romance and sexual expression are a major theme in these relationships, you will feel as if you have met the person you have been in love with your whole life and nothing is going to tear you apart.  Jealousy and competition sometimes felt by Mars is quickly forgotten when the Venus connection is strong enough.  If the Mars connection is stronger then the relationship will have a little different element.  With Mars being the God of War a strong Mars connection can symbolize great sexual energy but it can also be the fuel for arguing and fighting.  Although Mars forgets quickly what you were fighting about there is usually another quarrel right around the corner to remind you.  With Mars however it is just as fun to make up as it is to fight so this is generally the theme, fighting and making up. 

    The Venus Mars connection is one of the more ideal connections to have as it has longevity based from love and attraction.  Enjoy this one it will surely have a smile on your face for years to come.

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